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Official Website of the Titanic & its home in Belfast, N.Ireland

Titanic Belfast Grand Staircase

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Credit: William Cherry, Press Eye

An authentic near-replica of RMS Titanic’s ornate Grand Staircase is set to be one of the key features of in the new Titanic Belfast visitor attraction.

The replica is currently being built piece by piece by a small family firm of specialist joiners in Bellaghy, Co Londonderry. The recreation, made up of 10,000 individual parts, will be the focal point of the banqueting suite at Titanic Belfast.

Given the intricacy of the design, the family firm is using materials and techniques similar to those used in the Harland & Wolff shipyard 100 years ago.
Beneath its magnificent domed glass canopy, the original staircase rose through five decks of Titanic’s First Class accommodation and remains one of the iconic images of the ship.

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User Comments 12

I visited the titanic museum a few weeks back and I was appalled to see the way in which the history was presented. From the start you get a feel that the museum is much more focused on impressing the visitor with technology and architecture, not the story of the Titanic. The entrance is like a shopping mall focused on making money with little attempt to create an atmosphere of Titanic history as you enter. An opportunity to show a life sized section of the Titanic is replaced by an abstract arty-farty wall of pointless rusty plates instead. The whole experience lacks a feel of history with an absence of the most basic and expected, such as artefacts. There are a couple of life size replica cabins to view in glass displays but the attention to detail is not of expected standard, I noted a toothbrush dated 1914!. A very 'childish' looking animation of the sinking omitted the breaking up of the hull and when I questioned this I was told it was changed 'to avoid alarming visitors', really, visitors have to be protected from the facts of the disaster, why do they visit then?. The bizarre 'Titanic' ride is pointless, does not fit with the setting and a perfect example of how 'disconnected' the museums management are with the history. I would not recommend visiting this 'attraction' and after seeing pictures of the ridiculous replica of the staircase it cements my opinion that the museum is nothing more than a money orientated, contemporary showcase of technology and architecture, not an exhibition really focused on the history of the Titanic.
Steve 22 October 2012
I attended the Titanic Museum today with my family from Donegal we thought it was very good but we think its a shame that we cld'nt see the Stairs so very sad that 100 yrs ago it was only the 1st class that got to see them nothing much has changed really has it? I think everyone should complain about this!!
Yvonne 01 June 2012
Being from Belfast I am quite embarrassed that this is our staircase. I cannot for the life of me understand why they didn't create a replica of the staircase like the movie or like other Titanic museums. And you would think they would invest in the time and money into making a proper replica staircase and making it public. Then they would actually make a good bit of money. People would flock to see this if it was done properly. But honestly they don't have a clue here.
Patrick 17 May 2012
I attend at the Museum on tuesday 1st May having travelling from England specially and was disappointed that there was no sign or anything about the grand staircase. It was not until we were in the taxi going back to the air port that the taxi driver told us that you do not show the grand staircase to jo public but ony for corporate events and that we should have insisted on seeing the staircase in which case it would have been made available to us. Why is this, we feel we have been somewhat cheated particularly as the museum was fabulous ansx we had a wonderful day it was very memorable for my sons birthday as he has always been interested in Titanic.. We have a very enjoyable day out and also visiting the dry dock which was not mentioned . Why is it that we were not allowed to see the staircase as we understand is is finished and why if we had to pay extra to see it was it not offered to us?
sylvia peacock 08 May 2012
I am bringing my two Grand-daughters from England to see the exhibition in July, will we not be able to see the Grand Staircase as part of the tour?
Lea Desborough 30 April 2012
According to the news tonight, the grand staircase may be "one of the key features" but it is not part of the tour. So your expensive ticket will not get you to where the staircase is. Personally I would prefer to see the replica interior included for visitors, and not just for functions.
Colin McLeod 31 March 2012
This is NOT a "recreation"...???
Marc Manley 01 February 2012
Having reviewed the website, it appears to confirm my suspicions. The replica staircase is part of the corporate suite and will not be seen by the general public visiting the building.
Alistair Johnston 08 January 2012
Sorry but theres nothing " Near Replica " about this, its a terrible shame and a waste that they didnt do an authenitc replica of the real staircase instead of this bizzar shaped staircase. the only likness with this and the original is that it is made of wood, designwise its like comparing a Car and a Bike.
Unknown 31 December 2011
i have always been intrigued by the real stories of the Titanic, the people, and the events. I do also admit that I am a fan of the fictional movies. Thank you for sharing your recreations and facts.
Michael A. Buccilli 28 December 2011
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