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Titanic Wreck

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Ever wondered what the Titanic looks like now?

On the 2nd September 2000, Leonard Evans found out and made a 2.35 mile dive in the submersible Mir1 to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. His aim - to see the wreck of the famous Titanic.

View Leonard's photographs taken at the bottom of the Atlantic and see how the Titanic wreck looks today.

All images are copyright of Leonard Evans.

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Any one remember the film from the 1980's "Raise the Titanic"? I was about 7/8 years old when I became fascinated by the ship and really believed that just like the film, one day it would be possible. Then when they first found the wreck (1986?) I thought "this is it - they can now raise it!" Of course, that was the belief of a child. As an adult now, and having seen the photos/film footage I'm a believer that the wreck and site IS hallowed ground, it is very sad (understatement) and should be left well alone.
Lee 01 March 2012
My teechar just read my class a couple of stories you wrote about the sinking and the discovery of the Titanic, it was beautiful. I almost burst out into tears. I couldn't imagine being there to witness one of the most well known events in history.
Ibra 20 February 2012
Tous les professionnels qui travaillent pour le TITANIC sont formidables, notamment ceux qui ont réussi 'le grand escalier. Il faut aussi penser à ceux qui plongent dans des profondeurs insensées. Tous mes compléments ......
Josiane BRISSAUD 03 January 2012
When I was young, my grandmother lived right next door to us so I was constantly over at her house pilfering through her things and enjoying her company. One of the things that I remember most vividly about her mementos was an original copy of a newspaper article reporting the sinking of the Titanic. We read the article together probably a hundred times and I was fascinated each time. Since then, I cannot get enough of Titanic. Every time something comes on tv about it, I just have to see it (which drives my husband crazy...). I doubt I know everything about the Titanic but I'll bet I know alot more than some people do. I'd give anything to be able to go to Belfast and see the recreation!!!
Jane F. 29 December 2011
Titanic can't be lifted from the ocean floor. The pressure at that depth is what's keeping Titanic together. And there were attempts to raise the ship. 11 tries, all failed, because the equipment couldn't survive such pressure. If you took a styrofoam cup to Titanic's depth, it would be reduced to the size of an 1/4 inch cork. I've loved the Titanic since I was 7 and I'm 18 now, and it still facinates me. Cant wait to see what will go on, on the Titanics 100th anniversary. Titanic forever!
cody 25 October 2011
Awesome pics! Titanic's 100 year anniversary of her sailing and sinking is coming up, is there going to be something spectacular happening to commemorate the anniversary of this amazing ship? Thanks
Suzanne Wilson 20 October 2011
I am eight but very interested in the Titanic. I have been on four cruise liners and everything seems much different today.
Sophie 15 October 2011
I like the Titanic, it was the luxurious ship in the world.
sanjay 14 September 2011
After 99 years, the hull is still together? Now that's a testament to quality, or lack of contaminants at that depth. Were any clothes, toys or furniture visible in the abyss?
Ted Burrell 27 August 2011
Eerie, fascinating, sad and really awesome to see these photos.
Linda P 27 August 2011
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