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Titanic Survivors

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The survivors of Titanic were left with harrowing memories of the disaster. In this video, verbatim testimonies from a first class passenger, second officer and fireman recall the moments leading up to Titanic finally going down.

Their accounts of the biting cold, screams for help, separation from friends and family and attempts to rescue others from the icy depths paint a vivid and terrifying picture of what it was like to be both on board, and to have survived the disaster.

They may have escaped death and lived to tell their tale, but what they could not escape were the many haunting memories of what they witnessed on that fateful day.

Watch our video on Titanic survivors and their stories.

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User Comments 14

I love you with the sheep! So cute! Looks amazing, thguoh you looked really cold! Hope you are having a great time, and I miss you! Stay warm!
Maria 01 March 2013
Great pics! My grandmother is from notrhern Ireland; Magilligan to be exact. We visited there about a year ago and located my great-grandfather's grave. I will never forget the friendly people and beautiful scenery. Thanks for posting your pics.
Baehaki 15 January 2013
Titanic is one of my hobbies. I love to look up information about it and learn about the survivors.
1211 19 December 2012
Im Also A Huge Fan Of Titanic
Jessica 27 November 2012
that day is so sad but i am a HUGE fan of the titanic
julia 13 October 2012
that is so sad
cat 30 August 2012
ì love titanic from leah mulchinock age 8
leah 13 August 2012
What a day to forget but still remains in their memories. Friends perished, loved ones shade tears. It will always remain in their minds until the end.
Edwin 21 April 2012
When i remember that horrible Night.
That night make me fill my heat of tears........
May the Victims Of ''RMS TITANIC"rest in peace
Danial Ahmad 10 March 2012
i like the titanic!!!!!! It is awesome!!!!!!!
sarafeana 01 March 2012
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