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Top 10 Titanic Legends

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Speculation, exaggeration, propaganda and lies! Titanic has inspired many tall tales – but what is really true and what’s not?

Top 10 Titanic Legends

10. Bruce Ismay, owner of White Star Line, urged Captain Smith to go faster even through an ice field. If this was true, why weren’t all the boilers lit? FALSE

9. The band continued playing until the very last moment – FALSE - who could play a cello while at a 45 degree angle.

8. The SS California stood by and did nothing and watched the Titanic sink. UNCONFIRMED

7. Rich and poor men all went down side by side. FALSE. Nearly 2/3 of first class men survived and only ¼ of 3rd class men survived.

6. Men escaped in lifeboats by dressing as women. TRUE

5. A Belfast ship worker was accidently sealed into Titanic’s hull during construction. FASLE

4. Captain Smith was a hero because he went down with his ship. Why would a hero allow lifeboats to leave half full?

3. Titanic’s hull number spelled NO POPE – FALSE

2. There was an enormous hoard of gold onboard and it’s yet to be recovered. FALSE – no evidence for this but the legend will be proved in 2012 when the Bank of England unseal the bank records.

1. A man survived the cold of the Atlantic because he was drunk – TRUE! He paddled in the water for over an hour and a half before being pulled onto a lifeboat.

Watch our video to find out about the conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths that surround RMS Titanic.

How big was the Titanic and how was it built? Find out here.

Diving to the wreck of the Titanic- click here to view.

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Titanic sank on the Sunday after Easter that year (formerely called Low Sunday now Mercy Sunday), is it true that Fr Byles sermon had been about " spiritual lifebelts and lifeboats"? Two other Catholic priests are said to have refused to abandon people, leading the praying of the Rosary to the last. Were rosary beads ever found? Rev Harper (Baptist minister), is said to have given away his lifejacket to someone unsaved - is that true also?
P Paige 05 October 2012
I have a question. Were any of the remanding of the bodies found? In the water or even in the ship?
....NO 07 September 2012
what happend to the captain?
bla bla 15 May 2012
Is it true that peoples bodies froze in the water or is the false?I think it is true because the water was frezing,the water was below 10'F.Did rich people on the titanic think they were better than others so they went first to get on the life boats?Rich people were mean and shelfish on the titanic.....oh and stupid.Was it also true that when the people on the life boats went to go see if they can find any survivors in the freezing waters and thet only found 4 people,but 1 died shorty after the rescue.And all the other bodies froze and then sunk and then dizzolved in the water on or in the ship or remanings of the titanic.Did any of the under water divers when they went to go look at the ship see any ghosts,gold,or dead bodies?If any one knows these awnsers can you please write a comment with the awnsers to all of these guestions.Thankyou!
Your Face 02 May 2012
" Captain Smith was a hero because he went down with his ship. Why would a hero allow lifeboats to leave half full?"

Because the crew werent trained in the use of lifeboats

And just how do you evacuate a ship under strict control when there isn't enough room for all?

The Captain and crew did the best they could in difficult circumstances and very little alternative
Fat Dave 24 April 2012
Alot of people think there was a murderer on-board and it is true. anyone wanna know why
Nicole Hanson 29 December 2011
I went to Branson Missouri, there I was told there was a fire that was out of control and this was one of the reasons why the ship was going this fast. Is this true, I have never heard of this before or anywhere else?
Sharon Rubino 01 July 2011
I was under the impression that a libel action about the book "A Californian Incident" finally led to the California's captain Stanley Lord being cleared of any wrongdoing in 1966. Sadly, it was all too late for Capt Lord who died at the age of 84 in 1962 after a lifetime of public vilification. Perhaps, in the light of this, it would be kinder and more accurate to change Fact No. 8 from Unconfirmed to False.
Angela Kelly 02 June 2011
I don't know where I saw it, perhaps I misunderstood, but I read or heard that more people would have been saved if they had gotten on the iceberg. Could they have survived?
janet geoghegan 31 May 2011
Contrary to popular belief, "Titanic" was NOT the worst shipwreck ever, certainly not in the 20th century, She was No. 3 at 1, 400 deaths.
The worst was the Nazi Party liner " Wilhelm Gustloff" in January 1945 in the Baltic Sea. Built in 1936 she was named after a young Nazi thug killed by Communists in a street brawl before Hitler came to power
The ship spent her peacetime years taking workers--the chosen ones--on "Strength through Joy" cruises of the Mediterranean. For most of the war she was tied up, moving only to escape British air raids. Finally she was pressed into service to evacuate panicking German civilians, exhausted Wehrmacht soldiers and SS officers fearing Soviet retribution for murderous outrages. The Luftwaffe could never haul the hordes arriving in Pomerania and by then was virtually wiped from the sky.

6000 plus persons(the exact number was impossible to record) crammed into a diesel liner built for 650. She and another ship, the "Steuben" sailed unescorted for Danzig on a bitterly cold night. Halfway there the Soviet sub S-13 found them. Three torpedoes slammed into the Gustloff and she was doomed.

No lifeboat drills had been done in her time resting. Little good they would've done because the lifeboats, ropes and davits were frozen in ice. It took about 30 minutes for the ship to heel over to port and then sink slowly by the bow, to the screams of men,women and children either trapped below or just before freezing in a sea barely above 32 degrees F.

Of the 6000, only @ 1500 somehow lived long enough to be picked up by harbour launches. Which means 4,500 died!

No 2 was the Filipino inter-island ferry "Dona Paz" in 1984. The Navy oiler "Vulcan" ran into her, causing an explosion which turned into an inferno. Passengers jumped from burning decks into blazing pools of gas and aviation fuel. An estimated 2000 plus were incinerated or drowned.

A later inquiry found that no officers were on the bridge of the tanker. They were in the wardroom drinking beer and watching videos. Nice.
Ron 28 May 2011
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