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Violet Jessop

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Few people knew the White Star Olympic Class Liners like Violet Jessop.

With her mother ill, a 17-year-old Violet applies for a stewardess position on the RMS Olympic. Little does she know, but on obtaining the position she is embarking on a journey that will make her one of maritime history’s most remarkable characters.

Whether blessed by good luck or ill fortune, Violet Jessop was aboard each of the Olympic Class Liners during their three respective mishaps at sea. As both a stewardess and a nurse Violet Jessop was, on three occasions, witness to the kind of chaos and danger that most people never experience even once in a lifetime.

And thanks to the memoirs of the indefatigable Violet, we now have some insight into the life, the lady and the Olympic Class Liners.

Titanic Survivors stories- watch the video to find out about Violet Jessup.

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Why didn't anyone think of landing most of the men on the iceberg that sunk Titanic to use as a temp rescue ship until the real ships arrived.The lifeboats,if making some hasty trips to the "ISLAND of ICE" could have thrown up some temporary camp with scraps from Titanic salvaged.Radio,Batteries,flares,wood for fires,planks,ladders,ropes,food,drink,cooking pots,medical equip,blankets ,cardboard,candles,oil lamps,fuel oil,etc.Thousand or more lives saved if the Titanic circled round and gave chase to the large flat iceberg.How many hours did they have to make this maneuver?Pragmatic use of icebergs I say.Lives saved I say.
Jerry Lehane III 27 December 2011

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