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Titanic Stories is designed to direct you to the most authentic information and experiences about the Titanic on the island of Ireland.  There is a wealth of undiscovered stories to find within the pages of this website and on the many Titanic tours, historical sites, towns and cities connected to RMS Titanic.  We are here to guide you through and to maximise your experience of Titanic’s home - Belfast, Northern Ireland.
24 November 1940
The aircraft carrier HMS Formidable, built by Harland and Wolff, is commissioned by the Royal Navy. Formidable, next to the Olympic Class liners, Canberra and HMS Belfast, was undoubtedly one of Belfast’s most famous ships. Titanic was famous as “the ship that sank on her maiden voyage”. Formidable was famous as “the ship that launched herself”! Just before the launch ceremony on the17th August 1939- her wooden supports collapsed and the ship slid down the launch way. One spectator was killed by flying debris and at least 20 others were injured.
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