Titanic Passengers

British fashion designer Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon (1863 - 1935), one of the surviviors of the Titanic disaster of 14th April 1912, circa 1920. (Photo by Lasalle/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

What is amazing about Titanic is the array of passengers who travelled on her. She was a floating town, carrying passenger representatives from each strictly divided class along with valets, maids, nannies, kitchen staff, stewards, engine crew and officers.

Passenger Classes on the Titanic

It is hard for us to imagine these rigid barriers between the classes which existed in late Edwardian times and the early reign of George V and Queen Mary.  Society has changed and blended so much within the past hundred years. Two world wars, the Great Depression and a more humanitarian attitude to life have wiped out the belief that people stayed within the limits of the life into which they were born. The standard of travel today is based on the ability to pay rather than the socio-economic background which affected the Titanic passengers.

Please visit titanic survivors page for Passengers survived.

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Shipping Routes

Titanic was built to plough the North Atlantic route from Southampton to New York, a lucrative route for any shipping line because of the volume of passengers involved. She made two stops en route.

The first was at the French port of Cherbourg where many American first class passengers were taken on board to travel home after their grand tour of Europe. 

The last stop before heading out into the Atlantic and the fate we now know awaited her was at Queenstown, now called Cobh in County Cork, Ireland. Here, hundreds of steerage (third) class passengers boarded Titanic, many having sold everything they owned in order to buy a ticket for a new start. 

Diverse Passengers

The Titanic passenger list ranged from the richest people in the world to the poorest, setting out to make a new life in America. It is perhaps the range of people on board with a wide range of reasons for travel which makes the ship’s story so fascinating.  The class system which existed at the time ensured that these different social classes never met nor mixed while on board, except perhaps during the very last minutes of Titanic’s life.

Lists of Titanic's passengers and crew can be viewed on Encyclopedia Titanica.

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i love the titanic im a 5th grade student at grayson i love the big ship i always wanted to go find and see it but i cant cuz of the air presure :(
natya 13 May 2012
the peple on the titanic rip same with the TITANIC I LOVE THE TITANIC me and my boyfriend like the TITANIC like i said RIP
shaylynn 08 May 2012
so sad i thok that the titanic was the unsinkabulb ship what a qainseadins like i said so sad
shaylynn 08 May 2012
This message is for Kathleen M. Bradley.(comment 30th May 2011) My grandmother Molly and Bridget were sisters.
Catherine Barry 03 May 2012
This is for Kathleen M. Bradley (comment 30th May 2011) Bridget O'Driscoll and my grandmother were sisters. My grandmother was Molly O'Driscoll.
Catherine Barry 03 May 2012
this website is awsome
little miss sunshine 02 May 2012
i think it was really really sad when the titanic sunk and 1,503 people t died, including passengers and crew
shanice 02 May 2012
Well I liked it because the Titanic was a part of my topic ocean . It crashed in the arctic ocean .ANY WAY I AM 7 YEARS OLD AND I AM IN P3/4 I AM A 3
Rebecca Emslie 01 May 2012
i like your website.
jordan mcveighe 30 April 2012
i love the titanic !!!
ellie 28 April 2012
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