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Just over 700 people survived from the Titanic. The ship was designed to take over two thousand three hundred titanic passengers and nearly nine hundred crew. The lifeboats could have taken over a thousand, but many left without filling all the places available.  The most senior crew member to survive the Titanic was second officer, Charles Lightoller.  His testimonies to the enquiries into Titanic’s sinking provided the most accurate record of the ship’s last hours.

Women and Children First- Titanic Survivors by Class

The custom of the day was for men to stand back and let women and children board the lifeboats first.  Many first class gentlemen resigned themselves to their fate.  If we break down the Titanic survivors in order of class, 60% of first class passengers survived, a total of around 200. In second class, 120 people were saved which amounts to 42% of all second class passengers.  In steerage there were 174 survivors which is equivalent to a quarter of all those on board and within the crew, 214 were rescued, amounting to 24% of the total number.

Milvina Dean- The Last Titanic Survivor

The last survivor of Titanic was a lady called Milvina Dean.  Milvina was just nine weeks old when she was rescued from Titanic and was 97 when she died.  Coincidentally she died on the 98th anniversary of Titanic’s launch.  The last Titanic survivor was travelling to America with her mother, father and brother.  They were emigrating to Kansas City where her father was going to run a tobacconist’s shop.  Milvina’s father, Bertram who was just 25 years old, was lost in Titanic’s sinking. He had felt the impact of the iceberg and had told his wife to go up on deck with the children. After being brought to New York on Carpathia, the remaining Dean family returned to England.  Her mother did not talk about the Titanic disaster until Milvina was 8 years old. Milvina lived in and around Southampton for most of her life and in her later years, she spent much of her time answering letters from Titanic fans around the world, signing autographs and receiving visitors.
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One of the saddest things I've ever seen...or read. I wish I could go back and throw everyone onto the life boats, or possibly see the ice berg first, warn the captain, and keep it from being too tragic....
Doris 01 March 2012
my great grandfather wm blainey shellard died on the titanic........... will be honoring him at festival in watkins glen ny april14th
Jan O'Malley 25 February 2012
never knew the titanic was held in southhampton but its such a tragic story.
ell 18 January 2012
My Uncle survived 3rd class , he was a teenager his name on the registry is Hannah Namee, his name in english is John MamI. He lived in Washington, DC with his wife Lizzi. John died in 1952. A most interesting fact is that her was saved by a woman who hid him underneath her dress. This is documented by records in the Titanic history. What is hear say passed down by John is that the woman is Lady Astor and in 1919 she sent him money to open up a business in Washington DC. A pool hall named the Titanic in NE Wash until he died. We knew he had no money to open up his own business.
Ron 31 December 2011
I have a book signed by Milvina Dean. One of our drivers got it done for me when we used to deliver to her in Southampton.
alan buckle 09 September 2011
I feel very strongly about the way the 3rd class passengers were treated. It's always been the same throughout history, the poorer people always get the worst of the deal. Poor people are human beings that have feelings, hopes and dreams too. Life isn't fair at all.
gillian chapman 09 September 2011
My grandfather and his mom boarded Titanic, they walked along the ship and my grandpa got a weird feeling. He told his mom that he didn't think they should stay and that he had a bad feeling. They weren't high class, they were poor but they got off the ship. Thank god because I am glad I got to know him while he was here.
teresa 09 September 2011
Samantha Gruber 09 September 2011
Hi my name is Danielle and I used to work with elderly people. I worked in a care home in Portswood in Southampton. There I met an amazing woman called Edith Haisman, I hope I have spelt it right! She was, as far as I know, the oldest survivor of the Titanic, she was fifteen when it sank and her father perished in the disaster. I was there when she passed away and remember her family coming that evening. It was such a privilege to know Edith and I will never forget her.
danielle 05 July 2011
Wow!! I'm sure glad I didn't board that ship even though I wasn't alive then. Even though I'm a female, I would have been scared to death. I heard before that some people were so scared that they just directly jumped in the water because they were scared to go down with the ship. I wonder if that's true.
Vanessa Smith 18 June 2011
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