Titanic Survivor Story: Addergoole Fourteen

From the Addergoole Titanic Society

It is unlikely that you will have heard of the remote parish of Addergoole, near Ballina in County Mayo, but the small rural community has as much right to Titanic’s story. 

It lost eleven inhabitants in the Titanic disaster and a further three were saved. It is believed that the losses suffered by the parish in the Titanic disaster were the largest proportionate loss of life from any locality.

Starting a New Life in America

The Addergoole Fourteen as they have come to be known were all known to each other and some were related. They were all travelling from Queenstown in Ireland to start new lives in America.  Many were going to join relatives who had already established their homes in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and St Louis.

Annie McGowanOf those who survived, Annie McGowan, was 17 in 1912.  She lived to the age of 95.

Delia McDermott aged 31 was saved in Lifeboat 13 which was lowered at 1.40am.  She had to jump some fifteen feet from a rope into the boat. The story goes that before she left the village for Cobh, she was approached by a strange man who told her she would be involved in a disaster but would survive.  The final member of the fortunate trio was Annie Kate Kelly. A steward guided her into lifeboat 16.  Annie Kate became a nun when she was 29 and died at the age of 77.
The names of all who left the parish are commemorated on a plaque in St Patrick’s Church. There are plans also to install two stained glass windows in the church. Many relatives of those who died still live locally. As such, the village wants to brand itself “Ireland’s Titanic Village” and who could argue with that sentiment?

Addergoole’s society has been in existence since 2002, but has only recently launched a very comprehensive website, www.mayo-titanic.com.

Annie Kate KellyEvery year, at 2.20am on the date of Titanic’s sinking, a bell is tolled in the grounds of St Patrick’s Church, Lahardane for one hour.   Slow knells are tolled first on the Timoney Bell, followed by joyous rings for the three women who were saved.  Despite the fact that it is held in the middle of the night, this event is well attended year after year.

The Addergoole Titanic Society is now reaching out to Titanic Associations worldwide to assist with fundraising to implement the society’s centenary plans April 2012.

Watch the trailer for the Addergoole 14 documentary

Watch the trailer of "Waking The Titanic", produced by GMarsh TV Productions based in Crossmolina, Ballina Co Mayo.

Waking the Titanic Trailer from GMarsh TV Productions.

Visit www.gmarshtv.ie

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User Comments 39

I read a novel last year based on this group of people. It was called "The Girl Who Came Home-A Titanic Novel" by Hazel Gaynor. Her story is fiction but based on this group of 14 people.
Sherri 08 February 2013
To Janie Kingery,,I just watched, "Waking the Titanic". and there was indeed a newly wed couple on board. Sorry I can't remember the name.
KIT 21 August 2012
im always intriege whenever i hear stories about the people and the titsnic the courage and the work they all done to stay alive and help those in need olf help, i never tire of listing and watcing the video soso sad and happy for the ones that made it home on safe ground well done;
ruaine teokotai 15 August 2012
can you name the liner that sailed from Queenstown about April 7 th 1912 for U.S.A or Canada. I have a postcard but thay dont name the liner thay are on.
tony mac 25 April 2012
Please, could you tell me if any of the 14 was a newly wed couple, and the woman was an American. My dad's neice was on the ship, and was a newly, I believe coming from Irlene, to American with her new husband, thanks.
Janie Kingery 25 April 2012
This is to Ron Kapolnek. Annie McGowan was my Great Aunt. Marie McGowan Pasco was my Grandmother. I have often growing up heard my Grandmother talk about Aunt Annie being on the Titanic and their Aunt Katherine that passed away with the sinking. She also told me that Aunt Annie didn't like to talk about it and when she came to Madison, Ohio to visit never to bring it up in front of her. I always thought it sounded so exciting but after I got older I realized the trauma she must have felt and carried with her for her whole life I'm sure. My Grandma alway had a picture of the Titanic hanging on a wall in the middle Bedroom she said as a reminder. She came to America but it was I believe 4 years later. Just wanted to touch base and share a memory..
Sandra (Pasco) Walker 18 April 2012
My Grandmother Mary Kelly was a cousin of Nora Fleming, so Nora's grandfather was my great great grandfather
Seán O'Hara 16 April 2012
my grandmother was celia fleming born in the parish of adderagoole, her neice was honora fleming
lucy ruane 12 April 2012
My Uncle Tommy Canavan is seen talking about our Great Great Uncle Pat Canavan. I would love to buy this documentary. Please let me know how I can do that. Thank You for the Documentary and keeping history alive!
Ann Cerretani 02 March 2012
Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Golding, and I am playing the role of Katherine McGowan in a musical operetta based on the Titanic disaster, to be performed in Canberra (Australia) on the centenary of the ship sinking. Wanting to research Kate's story, I have been reading around the amazing resources that are on this site, and feel absolutely overwhelmed. Although aspects of the story have been changed (such as Kate and Annie being represented by one person, who survives the disaster), the ultimate tragedy of so many lives lost when they were full of dreams for a better future in the new world remains true. I am so fortunate to have the chance to be telling their story on the other side of the world whilst in Kate's home community the bells toll in memory. I will be singing and weeping for her with every ounce of my being and will be thinking of all of you, of your relatives and community. With greatest respects, Sarah.
Sarah Golding 16 December 2011
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