Were there any animals on board?

This question about animals has prompted many shaggy dog story answers! Many first class passengers did have pet dogs on board and these were kept in kennels.

At some point during the sinking, the kennels were opened and it is claimed three dogs were re-united with their owners. Shortly after Titanic’s disaster, a story was published about a Newfoundland dog named Rigel which swam away from the sinking ship and was later rescued by Carpathia.

There has been no satisfactory verification of this story. Another myth to emerge was that passenger, Edith Russell had a pet pig on board Titanic. The pig, her lucky mascot was in fact a toy, not a real animal. Another story claims that a first class passenger, Robert William Daniel, opened the kennels to retrieve his bulldog.

Again, there is no factual account of this at the time. Breeds of dogs mentioned as travelling on Titanic include Airedale terriers, Pekingese, Pomeranians and Chows.
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