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There is a world of Titanic facts at your disposal. The Titanic is one of the most fascinating and enduring stories of all time. What is it which makes Titanic such a subject of fascination for so many people around the world? Perhaps it is the very nature of the story itself. The world’s largest ship, on its maiden voyage and carrying some of the world’s richest people has a freak accident on her maiden voyage with a catastrophic loss of life.

Loss of Life

Hundreds of lives were lost amongst the poorer passengers on the ship, many of them sailing to the new world to find better opportunities for themselves and their families. If the story of Titanic were produced as a work of fiction, people would have difficulty believing that such a widespread tragedy could happen.  Within that rope of broader story there are threads of smaller stories which weave together to produce a fascinating tale.

A Story of Tragedy

There are stories of heroism, cowardice, loyalty, leadership and tragedy. There are many reasons why people are drawn to the story of Titanic and want to find out more facts about how and why the Titanic was built, the pioneering engineering, the intricacies of her journey and the fatal errors which in hindsight seem so basic. Some people will be interested in facts on how Titanic was built, some will be more concerned with the stories of people who sailed on her.
Some people are fascinated by the discovery of the wreck and the artefacts which have been recovered. Whichever your particular interest in the Titanic, we want to put all these varying pieces of information into manageable categories of Titanic Facts for you and present the most interesting, the most up to date and in some cases, the most bizarre. Consider this as your “go to” site for Titanic facts, reference, explanation, exploration and trivia.

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i am so sorry for what has happen to every one on that ship but it would not be forgotten one of the worse things is that my great great grandmother and father were o that ship.
gabriel 01 May 2012
WOW i cant even beleeve that there is the worlds famous ship:THE TITANIC.
Zainab khan 29 April 2012
Most people don'tknow that it could have been avoided! there was more room on the boats... they only put 12 people on a 40 capacity boat!
Anna 27 April 2012
this is great
bob 25 April 2012
i love the titaniic its soo interesting to leran about the sincing of it
kalissa 25 April 2012
A lot of people read these stories, books, and movies/videos about this terrible event, but they have absolutely NO idea what it was like. Can anyone imagine the thoughts of those trapped passengers, or imagine what was going through a little kids mind when they realized their parents were not coming off the ship? We have no idea how trajic an event like this was because we were not directly involed most of the time. I say all that to say this, think about hat really happened and the circumstances of others involed! Im 15 and i cant imagine, can You?
Madison 24 April 2012
will there ever be another ship like titanic
Natalie 24 April 2012
its really sad for what happened to all these people but i think that everyone should've got rescued and the ship that everyone thought that it was unsinkable but the ship proved them wrong those innocent people loss their lives to an iceberg the mystery of what happened no one can solve only the people that were on the titanic know what happened and today the mystery is still untold.
kiara jordan 24 April 2012
It could have been avoided...
Ann Marie 23 April 2012
OMG , this is a really sad i wacthed the movie so many times . i wish thier family is okay god blesss the titanc
sarah 23 April 2012
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