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27 Mar 2012
The Magee Family Jim, Jamie, Kerri and Gerald pictured at Titanic Pub and Kitchen Belfast get down to business after discovering that ornate tables and mattresses were made in their building for both the Titanic and Olympic White Star Line ships. The family hopes the historic link will propel their efforts as they launch their new venture for the Titanic Year ahead.We all know it's going to be a Titanic year for Belfast businesses as they get into ship-shape for the 100th anniversary events surrounding the historic liner built in the city.

But for the newly named Titanic Pub and Kitchen it’s full steam ahead after they discovered a shock link to the ill-fated ship.The well known city centre venue, formerly known as Frames/The Library Bar, has relaunched itself with a new name to raise a celebratory glass to the most famous vessel in history.

But as they prepared the finishing touches ahead of their official launch, they were completely stunned to learn that the building they are housed in played a significant part in the creation of the luxurious craft.

Originally Robert Watson's furniture factory in 1896, the Titanic Pub and Kitchen's General Manager Kerri Magee can now confirm that lavish tables and mattresses were made where her pub now stands.

An ecstatic Kerri revealed: "I met one of the co-founders of the Titanic Society, Una Reilly, she had come in for a bite to eat and she was impressed by our plans for the building.

“After one of their meetings the great grandson of the Maze family, who were directors of Robert Watson & Co, was able to confirm mattresses and tables were ordered from the White Star Line to the furniture factory. From eating to sleeping, it’s unbelievable our Donegall Street building had such a close affinity with the Titanic.

"It turns out that Harland and Wolff ordered extra tables for the Titanic in case any were damaged in transit and one of the tables has been passed down through the Maze family.”

John Maze, who confirmed the discovery said;IMG_6753-(2).jpg

“Robert Watson & Co was regarded as one of the finest furniture makers in Ireland at the time and ornate tables were designed for both the Titanic and Olympic ships, which were made by Harland and Wolff.

“The table has been passed down through the Maze family for generations and now takes pride of place in my brother’s home in England.”

“This discovery is brilliant news and it’s great to see younger generations taking an interest in the history that has made Belfast.”

Kerri added;

"We're over the moon at discovering this link and want to celebrate the Titanic in a positive way with real links to the city. The Titanic pub and kitchen aims to celebrate the real people and real history of our great city. Customers will get a real flavour of all things Titanic on arrival here.

Una Reilly from Belfast Titanic Society said:

“The Titanic plays a huge role in the history of Belfast. This centenary year will be a massive boost for tourism and it’s great that people can get a real flavour of history at the Titanic Pub and Kitchen. The new venture will be an asset to Belfast and itsTitanic connections.”

The bar, formerly known as Frames, is a family run affair between Kerri, her mum, her dad, uncle and brother. The re-branding idea was the brainchild of Kerri, her brother Jamie and two talented chefs from the Titanic Pub and Kitchen.
The quartet is so enthusiastic about the new business that they are ready to push the boat out with imaginative ideas to make Titanic Pub and Kitchen a massive success and destination for everyone in Belfast.

She said: "I looked at the corner of the complex one day and thought it resembled a ship's hull and that's where the idea originated from before we looked into its historical roots.

maze_table.jpgEveryone has worked hard and we've lots of great plans and events lined up.

“The interiors have been transformed with illustrations, clippings and pictures about the Titanic.

“The theme continues onto our locally sourced menus as well and the signature Titanic cocktail made with Titanic whiskey is already proving to be a huge hit.

“It’s a big year for Belfast and we see this project as one that will be steaming ahead for many years to come.”

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