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Weird Stuff- Strange Titanic Coincidences

Astonishingly, the tragedy of Titanic was anticipated in stories written before the ship set sail. The most striking is “The Sinking of a Modern Liner” written in 1886 by W.T. Stead, the famous English journalist and spiritualist. By a macabre coincidence, Stead went down with Titanic. In his story, a liner leaves Liverpool, picks up passengers and mailbags in Queenstown and on its journey to New York is in a collision. There are too few lifeboats, panic ensues and the Captain brandishes a revolver to keep steerage passengers from storming the lifeboat deck.

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A Story From Real Life

An 1892 story by Stead involves the real-life White Star liner Majestic and the real-life Captain Smith, a ship’s collision with an iceberg, and a spiritualist premonition of the shipwreck. In Futility (1898) by the American writer Morgan Robertson, the “practically unsinkable” liner Titan is the same size as the future Titanic and sails the Atlantic at Titanic’s exact speed. It collides with an iceberg in April and there are too few  lifeboats for the panicking passengers. In “The Ship’s Run” (1908) by the Irish detective writer, M. McDonnell Bodkin, RMS Titanic of the Blue Star Line (precisely half the tonnage of the real Titanic), steams from New York to Queenstown with gamblers among its passengers,  in the same way as the real ship..

Did Bodkin hear of the future Titanic three years before she was launched, or did he dream his ship up? 

“The White Ghost of Disaster” by the American writer Mayn Clew Garnett was published just before Titanic left Southampton. Garnett’s liner is the same length as Titanic and travels at the real ship’s exact speed before it ploughs into an iceberg which the look-out has seen too late. This causes panic and the captain shoots himself as the ship sinks.

Lucky Escape

Several passengers and crew booked to travel on Titanic’s maiden voyage were luckily too ill to travel or missed the ship’s departure and some thanked providence for their close shave with death. Numerous passengers had forebodings about their voyage or received strange warnings not to sail. First class passenger, Edith Evans  had been warned by a fortune-teller that she would meet her death on the water; she surrendered her place in a lifeboat to someone else and went back on board, never to be seen again. After the disaster, W.T. Stead related to a medium the sinking of Titanic, his drowning and his arrival at the blue island of the afterlife!  

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My grandmother and her infant daughter purchased passage on the Titanic, but missed the boat when the train was late. I have seen the "Bill of Passage" I think it was called with the White Star flag emblem and engraving of the Titanic across the top and their names written on it as passengers. Their fair was $36.50 I believe. Her name was Maria Belina Cicak. Her infant daughter was Katleen, or Katerina, or some other derivation of Katherine. The ticket or "Bill of Passage" has since gone missing from my father's house. If anyone ever comes across it, please let me know.
Joe Cicak 06 February 2013
yes this is true there was a real sistion behind this sad story
soma 08 January 2013
Im a tiranic fanatic! Everything from the marvel if her to her sad demise ive have wept fir the people who lost thier souls that fatefull night mrs mary in 1985 gave the who found titanic a bronze plaque which he placed at the bow in honor of her father who was one of 1,500 lost at sea! I couldnt do anything but cry for the sumple fact that this was a mass grave yard! I just couldnt believe what I saw 2 miles diwn in the frigid north atlantic! R.ip titanic
juanita 18 November 2012
I have a postcard left to me by an old lady who we grew up living next door to,her sister had been meant to sail on the Titanic,and she was a ladys maid,but she had written a postcard to send to her family a few hours before it departed,stating the lady she worked for had seen the stokers threatning to go on strike ,as they were not happy with the lack of lifebaots and safety on the flagship,on hearing this the lady she worked for changed her tickets and they were bleavng on another boat,I still have the postcard,so it does prove there were concers ignored by Whitestar on her safety measures,regards
nin 12 November 2012
Ever since I can remember, I have felt a connection to Titanic before I even knew what it was. I picked up a book when I was in elementary school, the Eyewitness "Titanic" book, and was soaked in it like I wanted to remember everything about it.
Mary 05 September 2012
I was born in 1939 just before the war and throughout my childhood I would have this recurring dream that I was struggling to get ot the back of either a ship or plane that was going down with another child. People were screaming and also trying to get to the back. I had never been on a ship or a plane so couldn't understand this. I am now 73 and my daughter treated me to an evening at the cinema to see 'TITANIC'. When the ship started to tilt I began to get very edgy and emotional but when I saw people struggling to get to the back of the ship and some of them falling .... this was my dream!!!!! I still cannot understand how I could have dreamed about something I knew nothing about..... unless I was on that ship in a previous life?Incidently I am a Pisces, born under the sign of the fishes, but I cannot swim and yet I love the water. I could never put my head under water. Strange or what?
Sylvia Spendlove 14 August 2012
Only one prominent family from Philadelphia, PA was fortunate enough to not have any severe loss on the crossing, the entire family of William Ernest Carter (polo player) his wife Lucile Polk Carter (related to James Knox Polk 11th President of the US), their daughter Lucile and their son Master William Thornton Carter the second (aged 10), and a man-servant and a maid-servant all survived. Good thing too, since I descend from young Master William Thornton Carter the second, His mom placed a hat on his head right after a man yelled no more boys in the life boat, he was mistaken for a girl I presume and allowed to board lifeboat number four, their father William Ernest Carter waited unitil he had to jump into the freezing ocean and then was later pulled into lifeboat number 15, he was reunited with his family and servants on the deck of the Carpethia. The family dog an (old airdale) was left behind with a crew member holding it's leash while young master Carter wept. Upon returning home to America, the Carter family hosted wakes and charity balls for survivors, and several Cotillion Dances for the teen survivors of the Titanic and their friends and families with such names as Churchill and Vanderbilt among others. The lavish dances were held on the lawn in circus tents, complete with oak dance floors and china and crystal place settings and a full orchestra. The New York Times followed the survivors all their lives, reporting that daughter Lucile passed away in Charleston, South Carolina in 1962.
ANGELA BYNUM 01 August 2012
My great grandfather was due to sail on the Titanic but his passport didn't arrive in time so he missed the sailing. He later sailed on another White Star line ship to Canada. I've been fascinated by the story of the Titanic since I was a child as a result of this.
heather 17 July 2012

I'm not sure if you will get this, but here is the link that one of you was asking for... with the ammount of meat and bread used on the ship.. very interesting.
Hayley 08 April 2012
Throughout my childhood - I'm only 18, but this started when I was five - I would have dreams that I couldn't figure out. I'd be on this wonderful boat, having so much fun running around playing and looking out at the sea. I would wake up sweating, not remembering what it was that had scared me so bad. The dreams stopped when I was seven, so I didn't pay much attention to it because I was so young. The Titanic has always been fascinating to me. I never understood why until I was thirteen. I had the same dream again, where I was running around on a boat. This time, it was dark outside. I don't remember much of the in-between because this was five years ago, but I remember going up to the top of this ship in the middle of the night and seeing that the front of the boat was under water. Looking at it scared me so bad that I woke up, covered in sweat and trying to catch my breath, just like I had when I was little. I still don't know what it means, but I've always said that I am never, ever going on a ship or cruise or anything like that.
Chelsey 28 February 2012
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