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SCO-CoMA Memorial Concert

SCO_orchestra.JPGOn the exact anniversary of the day the RMS Titanic met its ill-fated end, one hundred years ago, an exciting collaboration of musicians from both classical and contemporary disciplines will perform a unique offering of pieces especially selected and adapted to honour the hopes and the tragedies of the people who travelled on the ship.

The Southampton Concert Orchestra (Southampton's oldest established symphony orchestra) is collaborating with Contemporary Music for All to perform a concert of classical and contemporary music.

Dvorak's 'New World Symphony', composed in America in the 1890s, not long before the Titanic sailed, represents the hopes and aspirations of many of those passengers who set off towards the new world, with its hints of Native American melodies and African Spirituals, not to mention its sumptuous orchestration which will be realised by an enhanced and extended orchestra.

Gavin Bryars' 'Titanic', originally composed in 1969 as a tribute to all those who served on the ship, has been extended and adapted by the composer to recreate the sights and sounds of the last moments of the voyage: the musicians continued to play (so legend has it) as the waves washed over the ship, and in an amazingly evocative mood piece you can imagine the sounds still reverberating under the water until the final moments of rest.

The concert has been designed to appeal to all ages and tastes and will be one of the most moving and evocative tributes to the many people of Southampton who worked and served on the ship.

The concert will be held on 14 April 2012 at 7.30pm in the Southampton Guildhall.

More information can be found on the website for Southampton City Council or Southampton Concert Orchestra.


Event Date(s) : 14 April 2012

How to get there

West Marlands Road, Southampton, SO14 7LP
Southampton Guildhall Box Office Tel: 023 8063 2601
Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast

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