Titanic Rescue

Many of the women and children were taken off in Titanic’s lifeboats in an atmosphere of confusion and panic.  After the disaster there was controversy about who had been allowed or disallowed access to the lifeboats. When the last boats had gone, some of them less than half full, it was “every man for himself”.  There were daring or lucky escapes by some of the passengers who were left to fend for themselves.  Saving your own life required bravery, initiative and the strength to dive and swim in freezing water.

Silence at Sea- The Aftermath of the Sinking of the Titanic

But hundreds of passengers and crew were adrift in open water with only their lifebelts to hold them up. Passengers who had got a lifeboat place could hear their heart-rending cries growing weaker until there was only silence on this calm, starlit night.  From the lifeboats, the fortunate had watched Titanic  struggle to stay afloat, her lights still blazing, the band still playing until close to the end. The wireless operators had also stayed at their post until the last minute, transmitting their distress messages to ships near and far.  Although it was later alleged that the Leyland steamer Californian, stopped for the night amidst ice, was a visible distance from the stricken Titanic, it was the Cunard ship, Carpathia which steamed to the rescue.  It arrived too late to save those on board Titanic once the lifeboats left.  

Arrival of the Carpathia

When Carpathia’s Captain Arthur Rostron arrived at the co-ordinates where Titanic had been, he found “only a sea covered with wreckage and debris”.  But he also found the lifeboats and took on board their exhausted passengers who later remembered their grateful delight at seeing the distant searchlight of Carpathia appearing above the horizon. The rescue ship arrived in New York with 705 survivors.  1500 people had been left behind in the water. Among those who met Carpathia at New York was Henry Arthur Jones, the popular English playwright who wrote a memorable description of the often dazed but composed, occasionally hysterical, survivors who came down the gangplank to dry land.  

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its so sad that the people died :( they should have got extra boats in case of an emergncy
45 09 January 2013
remember the film is not an exact recount of what actually happened although it does come somewhat close!
1234 22 October 2012
In 1903 my fathers parents came to America from italy on the Carpathia. When seeing the picture Titanic my heart was broken for all the people that died and for the husbands and fathers that had to stay behind. Such a beautiful ship such a sad ending.
Rita Pastors 18 October 2012
I actually cried at this film
Martin boyle 13 October 2012
Oh so very sad!:( I wished that they made families go first!:$ I hate the guy who said make titanic go faster if I was alive than. I would have killed him because he killed all of those innocent people!I will never ever forget about the titanic!:)
Elizabeth 20 May 2012
I feel sorry for the people who died on that ship.
Crystal 09 May 2012
This is amazing facts I feel sorry for the people who died in the titanic.
Oakley 09 May 2012
At that salavation night there was an another ship was been seen, do you have any record for that ship?
Jasmeet 18 April 2012
I couldn't imagine how I would feel sitting shivering in a lifeboat while my souse or loved one screamed off a huge sinking ship. It must have been beyond anyone belief especially since everyone truly felt that she was unsinkable. The ship did the best she could hanging on for almost three hours-it really was double the expected time under the circumstances. We will never forget S. S. Liverpool Titanic or those who were on her maiden voyage
Deborah Bitzer 17 April 2012
It was a very bad tragic rec that let so many to die and did not care enough to save them! Children never saw their mom or dad ever again.....they did not care unless you were in a certian class and I disagree with that because every life is worth saving!!!!
amanda Upchurch 17 April 2012
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