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Official Website of the Titanic & its home in Belfast, N.Ireland

Inside the Titanic - 1912

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All images from the National Museums Northern Ireland Collection

Step back in time and view inside the Titanic.

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Bhargav Panchal 14 06 March 2013
ok this is a good website for pictures
awdsfdsfxvvs 13 December 2012
i love titanic.
PRATEEK KUMAR 24 October 2012
titanic is great
julia 14 October 2012
we all miss the titanic
julia 14 October 2012
How many of the staircases like the one reconstructed for the Belfast exhibition were there on the ship?
Raymond Dunwoody 29 August 2012
titanic is great ship
sajid 27 July 2012
It's such a beautiful ship and it is sad that it is no longer able to rest at the docks in witch she was built. I some how feel connected to it as if I have lived back in time. But history has taught us alot about.this great ship and we have learned so much that we can't help but to feel remorse for those who are now gone. I like to believe that the ones that are lost have found the new world
lynn 08 July 2012
not bad pics xx
luke 30 May 2012
wow......it's beautiful.but it is no more!!!!!!!!!!!
divyaja 16 May 2012
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