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Enjoy a luxury car tour of the historic Titanic sites with the great granddaughter of Thomas Millar, who worked on the construction of Titanic and sailed on her maiden voyage as an engineer.

Tour prices Adult £30.00 Child (under 12yrs) £15.00 Longer tours are available for those wishing to pass a full day in Belfast. As well as the Titanic tour as outlined above, you will see Northern Ireland's historic Parliament Buildings at Stormont, Belfast Castle on the slopes of the Cavehill and the notorious Falls and Shankill Roads including sections of the Peace Line. We also pass the former jail and courthouse, connected by an underground tunnel. This tour can be designed to include a lunch break at a city centre restaurant. It lasts approximately seven hours, but can be tailored to suit your itinerary. Costs vary dependant on itinerary/numbers but is approximately £180 for a party of 4.

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There is lots to see and do in our wonderful city

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There is lots to see and do in our wonderful city


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