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Where did the Titanic Sink?


The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, having covered half of her trans-Atlantic crossing.

Seconds too late, the two lookouts in Titanic’s crow’s-nest reported an iceberg dead ahead at 11.40pm. The liner swerved but too late to escape what seemed at first to be a close shave, then a glancing blow, and after Thomas Andrews’ expert inspection below, a serious collision whose effects he told Captain Smith would sink the ship within hours, the Titanic’s fate was already sealed.

It was not the collision but the silence when Titanic’s engines were stopped which alerted those passengers still awake to the fact that something was amiss.  A sudden panic did not break out, probably because passengers felt they were in a floating town on a calm sea on a starry night. But the ship was holed and down below, the sea was pouring in and boiler rooms were under threat.
Before long, telegraphs were ringing, watertight doors were coming down, the firemen and engineers were struggling to keep the steam pressure up, the pumps working and the lights lit. Captain Smith sent for Thomas Andrews who went below to inspect the damage. His verdict was as chilling as the night around them. The ship could not keep afloat for more than a couple of hours. Two thirds of Titanic’s passengers and crew were lost because there were not enough lifeboats to rescue everyone on board.

Survivors were picked up from the lifeboats by the Carpathia and taken to New York. Over 1500 people drowned.

Titanic WreckView images of how the Titanic wreck looks today


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so it was a sad thing my great great great aunts where in there and only one suvived
winnefreed 27 December 2012
Hmm.. this is some good info U got here on this website. good work. now I can finish my homework in peace. :D
Cory Lucero 20 December 2012
where is the titanic and why dont they bring it up
hilaryanne rutter 15 December 2012
How long did it take to find the Titanic.
Michael 02 December 2012
This is good info 4 my homework assignment and you can learn a lot be reading a paragraph. :)
Mia 27 November 2012
oriana it sand becuse arctic winds were being carried over to the atlantic causing an iceberg the driver of the titanic didnt ralise this before it was to late becuse he couldnt see it even though it was a small iceberg it caused a great deal of damage causing it to sink sadly many sank with it and becuse it was so heavy it pulled alot down with it meaning if u didnt get far enough you would aslo go down if you did get far enough you would maybe drown or freeze or commit suicide becuse you'd lost loved ones or you were scared fortunatly some did survive
amelia 15 November 2012
this information is very useful 4 our knowledge bd i hv a question is that is titanic is exices in the atlantic ocean?
munira 14 November 2012
Thanks for the information. Ive been working on a project for my English class and This info was exactly needed. Once again thanks.
Zack 07 November 2012
All those poor people!!! I think that the titanic was amazing!!! i also like the movie.... :)
Faith 02 November 2012
hey, ive been interested too and i just am doing canada culture sheet
samantha 24 October 2012
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